Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last E-mail Sent from the Great State of America!

Dear Children,

This will be the last email I will send from the great state of America. My travel plans have arrived and my life has officially begun. I leave on Monday, the 30th of August at 840 am on Delta Airlines headed to John F Kennedy airport in NY. I have an hour layover and then I'm off to Moskva. I will be arriving in Moscow at 1010 am on the 31st. It's about time I leave, cuz I’m sick and tired of American food. Which is one reason why i loved so dearly Papa's package-24 crunchie bars...I only have two left. So we did the anchovies for a while, but I don’t think we are doing that anymore, but we are still syling erry day, and i ate a few anchovies and I also tried out the black fungus-really disgusting. Elder Rosell left Monday and now I’m in a tripanionship. Also, thanks for the letter Delaney, it was great! and along those lines, you will never guess who was in our sacrament meeting this Sunday. John Heder's twin brother. Yeah, napoleon dynamite's twin brother. No big deal. He is actually the first counselor in the branch presidency's son in law. And yeah. Also, I’m going to be in Russia in less than a week. I will be sending home a package of junk I’m sure. And yeah...we hosted new missionaries and it rained once or twice, and my buddy artiom, who lives in Moscow, is down here in Provo visiting, and he told me all about the mission. And the senior companionship that I met in the bookstore that one time are named Elder and Sister Gronning. I know this because I was selected to give them a special delivery of passports. And I’m flying alone because elder Ablett has to go back to London to get his visa. He could serve in London for a few weeks before coming to Moscow. And I'm beginning to pack today. And we are just reviewing this whole week, and it’s hard to stay concentrated on boring class work that you already kinda know when you know you’re heading out to Russia in less than a week. But I will do my best. And I’m totally stoked. And yeah, so I can’t wait to let you all know how the motherland is. I’m sure my next letter will be much more entertaining/interesting, and hopefully much less grammatically correct.

Write to you from Russia next week!

Elder Paul

I apologize to those who wanted to see how grammatically incorrect this letter actually was, I try to edit Mitch's letters a little bit grammatically before I put them up :)


  1. I know! He is so excited, and we are all so excited for him!

  2. wow really I'm amazed 12 weeks passed so quickly :) best of luck!