Saturday, January 21, 2012

Progressing Investigators

Holy cow, tell dad to keep up the good work with the russian. and thats awesome that Abe is home, I am going to have to do that hike with him in august, so make sure he knows its no joke, its happening.
So new years was really great, we went to the walkers(our district) and we ate great food and watched the fireworks, literally some were shooting off of every rooftop and some were really close to the windo of the apartment. also we watcherd a few movieds-Tron, Tangled, and kung fu panda 2. pretty good movies, but by the end i was way sick of watching movies.
also our investigators are progressing and we are seeing greaat success. I am currently reading the infinite atonement and i am deeply impressed. Earlier on my mission I began to understand the importance of the atonement, but i didnt specifically study it, and whilst reading this book i feel my eyes being opened, sometimes literally, to the magnitude of the infinite atonement. Taking the sacrament on sunday i thought about how important the sacred ordinance is for maybe the first time in my life. We cant even comprehend fully the absolute necessity of the atonement and the roles that we are playing right now in the last dispensation, and perhaps the roles that we played in the preexistence.
I made some new years resolutions and I have it in two categories, during mission and post mish. Its really crazy that i need to start seriously thinking about what will happen after my mission, while remaining focused on the work here.
Abe is a great guy and I cant wait to talk with him. He is a great example to all of how we should treat eachother and serve the Lord diligently. I sometimes tell my companions stories of when we went on those hikes together, and i remember his charisma and great example.
I have to get going but tell everyone i love tham and am loving my mission and those who i am serving. I am seeing all of the good that people have to offer, and it is great.
Love Elder Paul

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