Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thank You to SH Ward!

So it turned out that nelson is actually getting baptized on the 28th, so we are really excited about that. as far as the housing thing, i dont know where the best place is. maybe katrina can do some research and figure it out, but if you can get ahold of some moms or something that would be real nice, i just dont wanna miss the chance and end up homeless.
so this week sasha and ed came to church. ed is the guy who lived in LA as a kid and he is the funniest guy ever. I would make a fantastic member. and sasha is excited about getting baptised, next meeting we are going to set a date with him. unfortunately he doesnt live in our area so a pass will be involving itself here soon.
In other news I found out transfer for next transfer. it will be on the 26th thursday and i will be AP with Elder Clawson from Spanish Fork i believe. he suffers from Chronic Sleep-walking and is known as the funniest elder in the mission. I am going to have a really good time serving with him. Its going to be really sad leaving Elder Palmer and our area as things are going so good. recently i have seen more success than ever before in my mission. also it will be sad to leave rechnoy finally.
By the way i got the package from you with the ties and vest and i also got the ward stocking, it was fantastic! tell everyone in the ward that i sorely miss them and cant wait to see them all, except for rondi, tell her i could wait a little longer to see her! and then give her a wink from me.
I also got a packie from sister watterson who hooked me up with just the right stuff! I am working on a package for her right now, hopefully i get it out soon. I will get one to you guys too asap, but i have a list of about 10 people to write letters to and only about an hour or two every pday of spare time. oh well, que sara sara.
Its been real good knowing you guys.

Tell Mark Taylor thanks for all his great ties, they are koshe! and tell a special thnk you to the morrisons for the cd and the Gublers for the Quaerters and the book. We sure have some nice people in our ward, dont we?

I love you guys and miss you. keep working hard!
Love Elder Paul
that last one is a picture of me and elder clawson at a dacha over the summer, he was my District leader when i went back to rechnoy

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