Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Mild Winter and Nelson Entering the Waters of Baptism

Alright, so no i havent gotten any package from the ward, so that ill be soon i bet. You guys dont stand a chance learning the language cuz you procrastinated the day of your repentance...but try your best anyway! This week has been nuts and we have a lot of hard work ahead of us this year, some good goals to reach. I woke up today and cut my hair myself, im kinda partial to it, at least until i grow it out and braid it...but thats later. today we went ice skating on red square!! I am quite partial to the art of figure skating, and thats something im going to keep up when i get home. maybe go professional or something. so we have about 7 progressing investigators right now and success is nipping at our noses...unfortunately the ice cold wind isnt. this winter has been mega week we can still see grass in most places.

Also, I am growing very fond of rechnoy ward and ive been here a long long time. my whole mission. I only have four transfers left and in order to get in the swing of things when i get home i will need classes set up, if you cvould do that katrina, that would be prime. (Oh, my little brother, you are lucky I love you! – Kat)

also, tghis saturday NELSON is getting baptized!! in case i havent told you, Elder Palmer and i found him and taught him the first lesson and passed him to international. he is from cameroon, english speaker, came here to be a physics professor but it didnt work out he has the greatest smile ever and hes 30 years. so its gonna be way cool to see him get baptized, ill send you guys a pic next week. a few other that we are working with are close to baptism, but some of them are gonna take some time. workin hard, loving life, reppin the Lord. I miss you guys and am excited to see you...i was thinking of buying a new suit with the christmas money-about 90$ whatta ya think? mine are stanky.
love you guys and thanks for all that you do to me. My eyes have been opened by the atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Love Elder Paul

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