Monday, June 18, 2012

There Really is Life After Death

The work here continues. Last week we had some good meetings. We invited Damian to be baptized if he comes to know that the church is true through the Book of Mormon. He agreed, but not to a date yet. He didnt make it to church on sunday unfortunately-he has been having some troubles with money and so thats why he couldnt make it. We made him some breakfast and brought it over to him and he really appreciated it.

Nelson doesnt meet in the central building, but you will definitely get to see him. I dont remember if i told you or not that Sokolniki ward got moved to the central building because the rent ended on the old building and the owner didnt want to extend. so now every ward that i have served in is in the central building! that was a couple weeks ago, but i cant remeber to save my life if i told you or not. that will make visiting church very easy when you come!

So this past week we had a hard time meeting with our most progressing investigators mainly because of exams, but now that is all rapidly coming to an end so we will be more able to meet with people more often.

We met a guy yesterday who met the church in Kyrgystan but im thinking it was definitely not our mormon church, but another mormon church. Really weird thing, we asked him if he had a Book of Mormon and he said no, the only thing that they had in Russian at that time was Pages of the translation and not an actual book...and that was in 2002, also i dont know that we have ever had missionaries in Kyrgystan. so we gave him a Book of Mormon, but have yet to break the news to him that he probably has the wrong church in mind. way nice guy though.

Its definitely crazy hearing that everyone is getting home now...have you heard anything from Brent? I cant help but think that there really is life after death, and that before i know it, ill be dead. With a month left, i still have sufficient time to help a lot of people and to do a lot of good here, and thats what i intend to do. Thank you for your help and support and motivation for me to work my hardest to serve the Lord. I pray every day for my family and it is no surprise to me that Heavenly Father answers those prayers.

Have a great week! Love, Elder Paul

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