Monday, June 18, 2012

An Accordian is Coming Home

Well well well, glad to hear the old famdamily is doin swell. good luck on the half! I'm crossing my fingers on the visa thing, but somehow i know there wont be a problem. All's well that ends well. This week was a really great week with 3 new investigators! We met this awesome guy from Nigeria whose mom is american and he is here studying the old rooskie yazeek. he is Catholic and an awesome missionary! he shares the good news with everyone and the whole dorm knows him in half a week he is half way through the book of mormon and he is stoked about helping his whole dorm building learn about Jusus Christ with our help! He couldnt make it to church on sunday, but we are hoping next week will work. I really want to introduce him to Nelson! Really good things are happening right now, my spirits are high and the weather is perfect. We most likely will not bump into Vitaly in Peter cuz hes in an outer city, so thats a bummer. Sister Ryazanova and anton are already preparing for us and they want to invite us to dinner on the evening of the 13th, i figured that would be perfect. As far as gifts, some good ideas might be mugs that say something with Las Vegas on them and putting stuff in the mugs. i dunno.

So I was thinking of what kind of souvenir i could buy that would be really awesome and i figured i need to get an accordian, to make a long story short, It turns out some elders up in Z-grad were given an accordian a couple years ago from the landlady and nobody claimed it because the couldnt get it home, so i asked about it and they are gonna give it to me. I figure between the 6 of us there should be enough space to bring an accordian home.

We are going to ride bikes in the park with our district today so thatl be fun!

The late Elder Lex was in moscow last week and we bumped into him on P-day in moscow and he is AWESOME! he has a girlfriend and hes just the greatest guy!! And his family is just perfect. he also is one boy with three sisters.

So im running short on time, but good to talk to you! enjoy your week and take a dip in the old pool for me. and win that race too!
Love Elder Paul

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