Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week Two and Doing Well!!

The second week in the MTC goes a lot faster than the first. Its hard to imagine it has already been two weeks. This week we had a fireside where I think 7 of the apostles were present, and Elder Oaks spoke. After the fireside, Elder Ablett and I went to meet our new mission president. President and Sister Sorenson are great! They too are learning the Russian language and are heading to Russia the first of July. Church is mostly in Russian, but sometimes talks are in English. The Elders and Sisters in my zone are going to other places in Russia, as well as Ukraine. Chances are that when i go to renew my visa it will be to the Ukraine- probably Kiev, which is great because in a couple months, they are dedicating a temple there.
The language is steadily progressing. Tomorrow we are required to get to know someone, ask about their family, tell about our family, relate family to the gospel, ask about hobbies, ask about work, and set up an appointment with a posing investigator...all in Russian! and then we have to teach them the first discussion in English. We dont start teaching the first discussion in Russian for a few more weeks.
In the MTC bookstore you can buy shirts with the flag and name of your mission on it. I thought that was too boring and predictable to get one for Russia, so I ordered a shirt with the Virginia flag on it. Speaking of strange behavior, Elder Andrews came in last week. He is in the MTC for 9 weeks learning tagolog. I have the same lunch time as him, and although i dont eat with him, i talk to him a bit, and we exchange humorous phrases that we have learned in our languages.
I am going to develop some of the photos i have taken and send them home in a week from now.
There are 5 native Elders that are in the MTC right now learning the discussions for a few weeks until they go back to Russia to their various missions. One of the Elders is going to the Moscow mission, so I might have a chance to serve with him. He speaks no English, and i can hardly understand any of the Russian he speaks! I have a long way to go.
My time is just about out- I only have 30 minutes to email before it logs me off. Its good to hear from you, thanks for all the information of events. Hasta Luego!
Elder Paul

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