Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6-16-10 Today Was The Day!

Well, today was the day! After a life time of knowing he would serve a mission, and months of preparation, today was the day! We left just after 5 this morning, and headed to Provo. We got there around 11:30, just in time to run one last errand and to have lunch before Mitch checked in. Many of you can probably guess where we ate lunch - In-N-Out it was for Mitchell's last meal before entering the MTC. The pace was full of other Missionaries and their families who were also checking in to the MTC.

When we got to the MTC we found two of Mitchell's friends camped out on the corner all dressed up in heir suits, holding signs with Elder Paul written on them.

When we got to the parking lot at the MTC they told us that Mitchell was one of 478 missionaries checking into the MTC today! We parked and walked over to take the typical Missionary pictures next to the MTC sign.

(this one was Mitchell's favorite!)

After some pictures and a walk up around the temple we got back in the car and drove up to the curb of the MTC where we dropped Mitchell off. You used to go in and see the missionaries off, but since the swine flu this last fall you just drop off at the curb and go. He was excited to go, and walked off with a smile! We can't wait to hear from him and learn all about his newest adventure! When we hear from him, we will be sure to post updates here on this blog so that everybody can know how he is doing.

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