Monday, December 12, 2011


So life couldnt be better. we are seeing great success and our zone is doing great work. Our zone is coming up on a few baptisms here on christmas eve, i hope they dont fall through, thats been a big problem lately. also, we have met with a guy from burma lately named Mo and he is a way cool guy, buddist and the nicest guy. buddism is really interesting to me. he has agreed to read the Book. also other great success. Roman who is ready to be baptised still needs to come to church. he is a great guy with incredible self defence knife moves. if you live in the republic of dagistan you have to be able to protect yourself, or you die.
We ate at TGI fridays the other night with Mo and had a grand time. on sunday i participated in 2 baby blessings. one of them vitaly gave for his sisters baby and it was the first time his sister was at church in 6 years, way cool. things are unfolding before my eyes and everything makes perfect sense, my studies have enlightened me and i am moving on to level 2-meditation. just kidding, but seriously. meditation for buddists is like prayer for us...but entirely different. there is a capsule in the middle of my brain where i store energy and in order to refill it i must perform at least stage 2 meditation, most likely stage 4.

Elder Paul

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