Thursday, November 24, 2011

Daily Miracles

Dear Mom and others. Tell Jeff Harbach how much i love and appreciate him. His example greatly influences my actions. He is an angel. also, really great news that i faioled to mention last week for whatever reason, Vitaly got his mission call and he is going to saint petersburg!! we were there to see him open it and after i congratulated and he thanked me for helping him that time a year ago and that that helped him to make the decision to serve a mission. Words can not describe the joy that i feel. He is one of my favorite people here in moscow. So this week has been crazy. I wish i had more time to write but i dont. we got a new investigator this week and he is agnostic, awesome kid who speaks great english and on tuesday we are meeting with diego and his wife again. I have very little time cuz the landlady is coming to get rent at noon and my time is running out. also we had zone conference this week and it was a sucess and it was on companionship unity. i have a lot to tell you, miracles are happening daily and I am continually more and more grateful for my saviour Jesus Christ. I love the scriptures.
Love Elder Paul

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