Sunday, November 6, 2011

7 - 12 - 2012 (execution date)

Hey, so i realized that last week i failed to wish zanna a happy birthday, so hope you had a good birthday. You are getting reall really old.
Your story about the disrespectful kids at the sacrament meeting has distraughtened me. Its really sad what is happening with the youth of the world today and what will happen to the next generation because of them. I see it a lot here in Moscow. Parents do not know how to raise their children and they become losers at such a young age. I see really young kids drinking and smoking all the time and i think that if the law wasnt the way that it is in the US, that it would be just the same there. Satan is doing his job really well. At least we already know hes gonna lose, but that cant keep us from fighting our hardest.
This week a few significant things happened. We found out our transfers that will be in effect as of thursday at 13oclock Russian Standard Time. I will be staying in this area as zone leader with elder Palmer. Elder Palmer has spent his whole mission in Z-grad and has most recently been training and district leading. I am really excited to serve with him and to remain in this area and see people progress, probably for the next two transfers. I will let you know more about elder Palmer next week after i get to know him better.
Other big news, i asked President when my execution date is (only not in those words) and i will end on july 12 2012. The end is within view and i really wish it wasnt. It is scary to think that it will all be over within the time that it takes a baby to be born. In a way it is good because i know that i need to work harder, as in a race, when the finish line is within sight, you sprint.
A funny thing happened on the metro this week. I was sitting on the middle of a bench and the metro was full of people. A healthy sized man was sitting opposite of me and he say my tag. he started freaking out and asking me if i knew what it meant and how pal means fall and saying "God Fell!" I leaned forward to explain it to him but when he kept freaking out i decided not to bother with him. I told him that i didnt want to argue. he said "what you cant argue?" and i sat back in my seat and smiled. he pointed me out to the whole metro cart and everyone, hearing the guy freaking out, stared at me for a good time. all the time Elder White was standing behind the guy laughing. I would have laughed but i figured the guy would have reacted negatively to that. On one of the stops he got out with his friend (who seemed somewhat emarassed of him) and right after that the lady next to me started asking about my tag and another older lady came over and was interested as well. Elder White talked to the babushka while i talked to the other lady, who said that she would love to come to english club. Its funny how when people oppose us they dont realize that most of the time they are actually helping us.
I dont have too much more time, but i think thats most of what i wanted to say. Our investigators are progressing, and, as always, we are making a greater push to find new investigators. I love you all and wish you a happy halloween. I almost forgot it was Halloween.
You Know, Love,
Elder Paul

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