Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Taking Care of the Wart

So that picture of Me and elder White is located in our apartment. we are currently undergoing a remont due to a sever flood from two floors above us a couple months ago. Its like whatever, all i need is a place to sleep and im good to go. Last week we met with a guy named hamlet from armenia. He was pretty awesome and had tons of questions really sincere guy. We just passed him yesterday to the other elders cuz he doesnt live in our area. Another investigator who is a seventh day adventist we just passed on monday. Also we finally got to meet with a part member inactive family and they are the nicest people on earth. her name is olga and his vitaly and thaey have a little 7 year old daughter. We today are going to BDHX (those are the russian letters) metro station and riding bikes with the district.
The other day i realized that i needed to take care of a wart that has been on my arm for about a year now, so i bought some cheep poison at the drug store and applied it to my arm. it got the job done...and it still is. Theres just a huge black and red thing on my arm now, but apparently it will fall off in a couple days so that is waht i am looking forward to.
The weather is now chilling here and before you know it(in 2 months(or a transfer and a third)) we will have snow continually. I am ready for the winter, the only hard thing is contacting. i will have to brush up on my singing skills, cuz thats the best contacting in winter, is carolling. I am limited on time. but have a wonderful week, we will see ya soon.
Love and blessings,
Elder Paul


It's good to see that he now has a t-shirt from Russia since all be bought in the MTC were shirtsfrom random states : )

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