Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Freezing Legs but Otherwise Good!

Hey, this week went by really fast. We recently met with maxim and he is doing awesome! he is planning for baptism. he said 4 months sounds reasonable to him. He agreed to pray as well. I got a little gift (a tie) to Armand. he has surgery on his eye and was in the hospital on his birthday, way bummer. He told me how excited he was when he got a facebook messaqge from you. thanks for doin that. he told me that he had a lot of people send him happy birthdays but he only responded to a few, and was excited to respond to you. Those were some small miracles this week.
My study has been really consumed with finishing the BOM in russian so that i can start again with the mission, i am already a little behind, but the mission is reading together. Reading in russian (or any other language i would assume) is like reading an entirely different book. There are things that i read that i would normally not pay attention to if reading in english. Also i am focusing on strengthening my scripture memorization skills, as that is a weak point of mine. It mentions memorizing scriptures in my patriarichal blessing and im kicking myself for not getting on that earlier.
As to what i admire about my companion, i recently discovered that he is a master computer programmer, and have long since noticed that he is a good learner. he has a very extensive vocabulary in the russian language and is a great studier. I can and will learn a lot from him and probably already have. Bless his soul.
So i am now going back to the english club that i was first in over a year ago. Its crazy i have been in my last group for exactly a year, so its a little sad to leave it. i may have set the record in the mission for the longest time in one english group...obviosly not the kind of mission records that i am looking to break. Today i really want to talk about hypnotism, we will see how hip and savvy elder white is about that idea.
So this week we went and did some service, First we helped a family move ant then we went up to dolga prudnie and chopped wood. this seemed to be my first time chopping wood, but luckily elder hamp, a master wood cutter apparently, was able to show me the ropes and i was a chopping maniac in no time at all.
On the way out of the apartment today we cot some contacts of a few armenian guys. man i love armenians and i cant wait to go to armenia. Apparently the work is goin well over there. Its getting harder to get new investigators now that the weather is colder, no more chalk drawing...we will have to start snow sculpting soon. not that cold yet.
we went through the area book yesterday and set up a whole bunch of meetings with investigators that we didnt know about, i wish we had done that a transfer ago!
Not much time do i have, but thanks for everything, thansk for sending those pictures and as of right now i dont think i need anything...except jeans cuz mine were stolen. i need them for service and right now i only have shorts, if you could send me a normal pair of jeans it would be appreciated, if not, i can probly get by.
love you all, ELder Paul

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