Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Future is as Bright as your Faith

Sounds like alls well back at the old dom. this past week has been a lot of work and a whole lot of walking. we were with the AP's yesterday for a split. We stopped by a few old contacts and had a little success there, and then we bumped into this guy who lives on our station and was way nice and even sayd he would tell his friends about us, unfortunately we didnt get his number, but he got ours and i9f he doesnt call we will probably see us walking soon enough.
President is sick right now, so thats a way bummer.he will be better in a few weeks though
we dropped most of our investigators cuz they werent progressing at all and the rest for one reason or another disappeared, so we have a nice clean board to work with. the future is looking very bright, and it is really hot here, they say it isnt humid, but i'd say it probably is.
Today we got to do some good service. first we helped the bozhenovie move. he was the one who wrote the article in this past liahona(New Era??) about him on his mission in saint petersburg and the book of mormon that the kid found that they gave to some old man. yeah way great little couple, too bad they moved out of our area, but still in our ward in the AP's area. after that we grabbed some mak dak and went over to help our bishops wife with all their bags, they are on the train right now to the sea for a couple days.
I am really tired, but the work must go on.
by the way funny you mentioned romans 8, turns out thats now one of my favorite chapters. the last 5 verses are incredible to me.
happy forth of july huh? i celebrated by drinking a milkshake.
I have little time now, but basically the new testament is awesome. and be the bast member missionaries you can, cuz member missionary work can always get better.
Love you all,
Elder Paul

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