Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back in Rechony Ward!

First few days i have been with elder lex and things are psycho, right when i came in, most of their progressing investigators disappeared or had to be passed. We have been speaking only in russian outside of the appartment(and a little german...just kidding)and I LOVE Austria and the Lex family. Austtria is litrally fairy tale land where everything is perfect. Im thinking of learning german sometime, cuz i guess everyone's all about it.
Also our apartment is kinda psycho. i am now living on voykovskaya and our apartment is really hot, but i love it!
We go running every morning to work out and i realize how out of shape you can get in a year. bust im dying!
Never before in my mission have i been able to speak the language with my comp 100% we are thinking, next week we are gonna go even in the flat. its like whatever.
working on memorizing scriptures. If i want to become a master teacher, which i do, then im gonna need to memorize a heap of scriptures. I challenge you all to do the same.
heres a couple pics.
THE ONE OF ME ELDEoopsR FOSTER and elder woodruff is us doing service helping with the old remont up in odintsova. I am back in Rechnoy ward now and its great Its cool cuz ialready know everyone and they know me.
If there is any advice that i have it is: "Work hard and things will happen"
also wendys is better here.
Love Elder Paul

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