Monday, October 17, 2011

Another Week in Russia!

First of all, Happy Birthday Katrina! and second, thank you for the last package i got with the wart remover, it has proved to be a nasty business, but its about time i end it. As far as the family picture, i usually carry around a regular size but wallet size would be nice too.
My favorite thing about being a missionary is seeing people that you grow to love accept the Gospel and in doing so, change their lives. One great thing that happened this week is Maxim prayed for the first time. He is probably the most progressing investigator i have ever had and i love that guy. He has a great optimism and I can see him being a fantastic member. We met with him with the Walkers, a senior couple here, thay are wonderful, and talked about prayer and commitments. he came to general conference and enjoyed it. General Conference was fantastic! i took heaps of notes and keep referring back to them. I think my favorites were, the very first talk in the first session, Devn Cornish, and President Monsons in the saturday morning sessioon. yesterday we went on a split with the aps elder breedlove and elder Lex. I went with elder breedlove and we had a meeting with the stake president and his sister in law and her husband and the husband prayed for the first time, way awesome. Prayer, i would say, is a really really good thing.
so lots of birthdays coming up and i would send you all some gobstoppers as a gift, but they dont have those here, so pick yourselves up some gobstoppers, on me.
the weather is cooling and its getting hard to find new investigators, but so far this week we have found one. Im about to freak out on people nobody wants to change! we talked to some people on the split yesterday and they litterally said that because everyne is a sinner, we cant do anything about it, so in that case, its OKI to sin a little bit. Its OK TO SIN!! what the heck are they thinking?! it is so NOT okay to sin! geez wake up people!
I got a small package from elder sterling the other day that i really liked. at christmas tim last year i sent him a package and within was a russian daily planner. the other day he sent it back to me all filled out, it was pretty awesome. he also sent me a blank planner of the spanish language that i am responsible to use next transfer and send to him. i thought that was a good idea, it will cause me to be more responsibe for filling out my planner because i have to account to Sterling Gregory Adams the Elder.
Tonite at english club we are gonna talk about family and stuff we do with our families, so im excited about that. One thing i will tell them about is when me and Dad went to the amazon, thatd be cool;.
well i love you guys, and mom you're really good at picking out ties.
Love Elder Paul


  1. Did his P-day change to Mondays?

  2. I just posted this late. His p-day was still wednesday as of this week (I will post the letter today) but it is changing to Monday's starting this upcoming Monday.