Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mitch is a DL!

Dear Diary,

There are two new districts coming in tomorrow that will be in our zone. 9 missionaries in each district. Its going to be weird being the old ones now. Also, thank you Papa for the Astronaut Ice Cream! we had an ice cream party last night...well not really, but i have already eaten 6 or 7 of the astronaut ice creams...they're out of this world. This Sunday i was extended the call of District Leader, and it is my job to rookavadeet nash kroog...to guide our district. we are now writing talks in russian for sundays, and the branch presidency picks two people each week to give their prepared talk. Sundays are very busy, just as busy as any other day. We have several meetings, and the temple walk is always super fun, and now that i am DL i will have more meetings to attend. I bumped into David Olson on Sunday, I didnt remember him at first, but he was my friend in the fourth grade when we lived in South Korea. The only thing i remember about that ward was that i broke a glass window in one of the doors in it...ummm we start learning how to teach the 2nd lesson in russian on thursday. Elder Ablett and i are getting significantly better at teaching the first lesson Parooskee...As far as a list of the difficulties of the languages, im afrid no such list exists any more, however, i think russian is in the top ten. Finish, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin are definitely up there. The Provo temple has now opened and i was able to attend this morning- absolutely love it. I also got my hair cut today and from what everyone tells me, the bald spot on the back of my head is clearly visible- absolutely love it.

Its become almost a competition here in our district to see what kind of crazy stuff we can get in our packages. so feel free to send me a venus fly trap or a dolphin fin or something awesome like that. oh and please dont send me any more gum, because missionaries dont chew gum...and im out of time, so thanks for everything

LOVEly bones, Elder Paul

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